Slowly, but surely... (Stop Calling Me Shirley)

I, David. Started Shnazzy Network in 2011, when it was really just an idea. Started with 2-4 talented people with help from an old friend. Moved to 3-6 people with more of old friends. And today we have 8-12. Although it’s not the same that have started. It’s still a lot. Many affiliates, artists, and contributors with Shnazzy as a brand. Very huge load of talent that is unstoppable.

Of course the start of this idea wasn’t a easy road. Speaking for myself. Miscommunication was nearly a downfall. I still feel through all negative notions one passes from old friends. I still give hope. Just as long as life continues to bring progression and work.

we have been keeping up collectively. our Instagram page is pretty active (As of today)

but really this brand still moving. Is something motivating for more artists I hope in the future.

Id like to take the time to appreciate our artists. Musicians. Gamers. Friends and colleagues. As I believe we all have a great future to succeed.

Attitude is latitude. As just like the movie Airplane, im serious. Very serious.

And hopefully you all reading this will surely be apart of the journey :)


movie : Airplane

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