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Today I get my first oppurtunity to write an article on the very talented NekoSkeleton4212, or also known as Zoe. With her very unique style of art to always being consistent with creating, what does the future hold for her? She has a lot of confidence and I can't wait to see her accomplishments in art. Haven't been disappointed yet with her work. *shreds tear*

I remember first hearing about Zoe, from networking and trying to find artists in art groups such as the very popular game, Cuphead. After networking for some time finding artists, she was one of few I still continued to work with in collaborative and team efforts. With further adue, here is the interview with Zoe!

Reel: What was your first drawing?

Zoe: holy heck idk

Zoe: old sketch books! i have a lot of fun facts (or whatever) about my art journey and they're all exclusives

Reel: How many sketch books have you filled?!

Zoe: 16-17 1/2 i think, i have a lot of drawings that are in multiple duo-tangs and some were thrown in the trash so i can't say the exact number

Reel: Do you have full projects created?

Zoe: not as i remember, i do have some projects for comics but i always end up leaving them behind and do random drawing instead. #procrastination

Reel: If you had to work with any artists of notoriety ever! Whom would you pick to work with?? (As many as you want to work with :D)

Zoe: okay hum,, maybe kéké and wi-fu/to-fu (on tumblr)because i like their style¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reel: Favorite animal to draw 😀 and have you ever drawn an animal with a live reference in front of you??

Zoe: i like to draw wolf related animals and when i was younger i always drew cats (plus other animals but it was rare) and yes but i don't remember examples though. it's pretty rare.

Reel: What are some goals you want for yourself to achieve from your art?!

Zoe: like every artists, i would like to use my art as a job and earn money by doing what i like. and also making people happy. just knowing that soon i will be someone's favorite artist or one of my ocs being someone's favorite character makes me sooo happy

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Article Written by David Jr

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